loon loom loom

by woodshed

Whoa whoa!
And she’s tentatively starting a blog….
It’s just the truth of the current situation.

I’m a budding weaver, and I’m completely in love.
I sat down at a loom, and had this wonderful feeling of home like I’d never felt home before…and it’s no lie when I say my fingers magically just knew what to do!!
let’s talk about magic…..

and the word LOOM is so good.
not too far off from the coo-ing loon birds that I spent years secretly canoeing out in early spring to fix up their nest, to coax them to have their babies across the lake from me
loon loom loom loon
(all together now!)

and looms are like boats and phat beats and poems and the world (and i’ve been spending a long time trying to find the way to make something so tiny that’s as big as the world….and let me tell you, you can do it on a loom!! radical.)

what’s pictured above is sort of like that to me, well, at least it’s the beginning of my journey to the center of the earth.
it’s a little linen hankie.
i sold it to jason pollen, who wanted it unfinished he saw more truth in it that way i think….