on the fence

by woodshed

Hankies of the Highest Degree…little treasures for those who are just so special, and want to weep in rainbow glory….
hanging to dry on a fence in my new favorite part of New Hampshire.

Me and my 11 best friends from college all seem to magically end up in the same place once a year, this year it was to celebrate the beginning of the Runnymeade Project (a radical residency/farming homestead by the sea…)

In honor of our anual reunion, I whipped up a hanky for each of my trueloves!

some little bits you might want to know:
the hankies are all hand woven on a 12 shuttle loom
colored cotton weft woven on an unbleached linen warp
the outer boarder is a plain tabby, with a little bronson lace and different twill shapings in the center (twill is pretty much my favorite thing on the textile planet..it’s those kind of manly zigzags…)
and…i cross-stitched each of the girls first initials in the corner their hankie (how i love to monogram….)