loom most beautiful!

by woodshed

oooh whee ooh
my new loom!!
the perfect loom. the perfect size. such beautiful wood!
i think it’s cherry?

(i have big plans to spirit this little pup to central park this fall and sell scarves straight off her! i’ll keep you updated on where-abouts and times that’ll be happening…)

weaving and i fell in love, then this wonderous machine was ferried my way from Eugene, Oregon and the good graces of one Suzie Liles: owner of the Eugene Textile Center and an inspiring teacher- straight forward, and has the amazing ability to make just about anyone feel at home while sitting at a loom…

on the loom is a scarf that i’m working on for my long unseen brotherfriend, Tim Semler of Tinder Hearth Bakery (just about the best bread made with the best love)…
i’ll weave a matching-ish one for his lady love, Lydia, just in time to celebrate their wedding in september!!!

the scarf is a yummy merino wool in a variation of the Rose Path pattern…