penland school of crafts

by woodshed

i went to a magical land this summer.
nestled in the blue ridge mountains outside of Asheville, North Carolina sits a historical gem, the Penland School of Crafts 

Penland was started by Lucy Morgan in 1929, as a trade school for women in Appalachia…it’s mission was to give women a marketable skill, and keep the craft of weaving alive in the area!
i had the most amazing experience.
i was able to weave 13 hours a day. sleep eat weave and take walks in the hills and swim in the icy rivers.
it’s such an inspiring setting to weave in, it’s so deeply steeped in feminine americana textile history, which is one of my many love affairs with craft.
i am so proud to be a young woman carrying on this lineage.

i took a lace weaving class with Suzie Liles. (she’s a real dream! and an amazing teacher! and her assistant Patti was so touchingly warm and encouraging!)
there were only a few other young women in the class, and the rest were mostly mothers and grandmothers (all women).
and the community that was created in those two weeks was so comforting and supportive.

this is all of our shining faces (i’m the one in middle in the back)
i am already dreaming of how to get myself back there for more!!