fall’s a comin’

by woodshed

fall has come!
so quickly. and it’s already been here for a few days….
the first morning i woke up to it being so perfectly chilly- i hoped out of bed, made myself a cup of chai (a blend from my favorite aruvedic bodega in the east village)

i was supposed to be going into the city on a quilting date, but i had to post pone so i could take my cup of tea and my scarf fresh off the loom for a walk to the pier!

it doesn’t seem, at first glance, that fall has taken such a strong hold…but as i sat and listened to the water lapping up against the rocks…i heard it- the crisp rustling of leaves on the trees- and i saw the little bits of ocher and brown creeping up on the green…
this is my favorite time of year!
so invigorating!
but everyone i exclaim the arrival of fall to, meets me with a slightly grievous air….most of new york just isn’t ready to even be whispered to about the shitty other half of the year (and i completely understand!)
also! in this barely fall experiencia- i’ve been able to do some test run-arounds with scarves i’ve been working on..wrapping them upon the people i love!

the cozy cashmere side...

the patterns side...

here sweet amelia is kickin’ it in the yummy wonder of this cashmere/merino blend!
it’s woven so that there is are distinctive stripes down one side, and loose weave that ‘s mostly cashmere down the other…so, as you can maybe see on amelia- you wrap it cozy side down…anyways….it works out wel