rainy days.

by woodshed

it’s just a’raining today.

but when it’s not raining
i just keep going down to the water.
to what i call, treasure beach.
just collecting and collecting.

and then i’m spending cozy days like this one
getting a few little packages ready to send out to some nearest and dearest.

i’ve been sewing up these tiny bags out of a quick muslin-ish i wove…
then i unsheath my tiny collection and and make little groups out of them…

and i group and regroup!
it’s my favorite part…the way all the bits of bone and brass, and slivers and stones fit together to create all these different little worlds.
the red world, the white world, the world of sparkling….
it’s silly and a little autistic….i bring my collections to work alot…and my boss, gene, isn’t quite sure what to make of them….
by the end of today…hopefully i’ll have put two tiny packages in the mail….!!