traveling traveling

by woodshed

whoa whoa!!
and i’m on a big adventure!

i started in crested butte at
The Shipwreck….
a very magic hovel that my good friend ben is living in…we hiked. and baked bread.
and it was lovely.

ben runs a community garden, that serves as a kind of scavenging pick your own…all the produce is free if you just want to head out and forrage for it!
there’s nothing quite like an abundance of food with the epic colorado backdrop!

then we hoped in the car and drove through the second largest living organism in the world- as stand of aspens…
and we are in peak leaf season for this journey so we were driving through golden guilded dirt roads….

now we are in salt lake city.
visiting and giving quick love to family.

onward to the bay area…and ultimately to the wildlands of the mary jane chain gang in Arcata!
(hence the massive lapse in posts…i’ll be back on schedule in early november…)
it’s beautiful out here, and i’m definitely making the start up capital i was hoping for to launch A Little Weather (my soon to be weaving baby) this winter- but i must say that i’m homesick for my little home by the sea back in brooklyn…


and i leave with with some beautiful woven goods from my journey- the first is from a fabric shop in San Francisco and the second is the scarf i finished just before i hit the road!

a bolt of beauty

this is from a sweater i unraveled...super yummy wool- so loosely spun it's almost roving..