the return

by woodshed

hale haleluia! i’ve finally made it back to the east.
it’s such a relief to be back in new york. i feel grounded and invigorated here. i feel so lucky to have found such a nurturing home.
…and sometimes all it takes is 6 weeks away to reinvent and re-remember my gratitude for new york city!

not to say that the big trees aren’t breathtaking. and the wild west is unbelievably magical.
way to feel so small.

now that i’m back it’s time to get back in the swing of starting A Little Weather!
i have the start up capital i need (thankyou california.).
and now i just need to finish making so many many things with my hands fingers and loom so i can meet my goal of launching by thanksgiving….days of gratitude are here to stay, everyday!