tedium. thankful.

by woodshed

i’ve spent every single one of my days off for the past week (and a half) attempting to thread my loom…
for some fanny pack projects!

unfortunately…i decided to work with a wool that is spun just about as fine as my hair…
i’m really only barely exaggerating!

but it’s just so beautiful! rich indigo. delicate and earthy sturdy.
and i’m thankful that i thrive in the tedium…al-most of the time.
although this has lead me to decide that i’ll be looking for an intern in the spring.

this little threading has also been a pain in the ass, because in lieu of lease sticks, i macgyvered two knitting needles together with duct tape…wowee…it would have been much more efficient to just buy two yard sticks at the local hardware shop…
(before settling on knitting needles, i also tried wooden spoons, which then sat on the top of my loom…only to spontaneously fall when i was about halfway thru threading, and hadn’t secured many of my ends…adventure…luckily, this wilely wool so enjoys the company of itself, it was tangled enough so that not a heddle found itself rendered threadless! translation: everything was fine)

duct tape- hale hale luia...?

i’d also like to mention, that i’m pushing back the real opening of A Little Weather…till the spring…
i have a lot of very exciting commissions to keep me busy this winter, and i really want to focus on them…

on the greyish rainbow dishtowels

on the linen/ horse hair placemats

on the spider woman vest

on the holiday hankie extravoganza!

please feel free to contact me if you have holiday needs and ideas that may require a little weather at a little loom…
tinytiny.magic at gmail dot com