sea storm

by woodshed

i started knitting a sweater towards the end of my adventure out west….

and the other day, I Finished It!

the day i finished my sweater, was a sea storm of a day.
and she’s a sea storm of a sweater. the blue is a little more saturated in this photo than it is when you’re looking at it in the wooly flesh…it’s a grey ocean sweater.

ooooh, she’s a beaut’

anyways, i used Rowan’s Kid Classic yarn, it’s delicious! and pretty hefty, i knit on size 7 needles, which meant that things moved pretty fast….

and i was able to finish just in time for this perfecto super late fall weather!
also…this was my first sweater of my own patterning!
there’s definitely some little funny bits, but i like how most of them turned out….like the bottom of the sweater coming down at that little angle below the last button.

oooh, and the buttons! vintage flakey cream shell buttons, gifted to this sweater by my dreamy roommate…(thanks tess!)

i try to knit a sweater every winter, and rarely do i finish…
but this winter, i think i have time to start another one!!
i want a red red sweater, because somehow, between spring summer and fall, my tride and true red red one got lost in the shuffle….