little engine

by woodshed


another lovely loom out there is the Structo Artcraft Loom.
they are tiny and charm charm charming!
i am particularly endeared to the metal ones…

they are table looms, which i’m normally not interested in.
(meaning, instead of pedals, you manually lift the shafts with levers)
and the levers on these babycakes are just so enticing!

i think of my loom at home as a ship or a sailboat, old and wooden, clacking it’s way across the ocean
and these little structos are TRAINS, steam engines!, clamoring their way down the railroad….thru Kansas and Missouri…
they are little indestructible novelties!
and they made it in mint green too….what a dream!

Structo started manufacturing looms in 1912.
they were mostly used for teaching, which makes sense- they’re small and durable…but what on earth would one weave on them
(unless you have a love affair with the hanky…ahem)
Structo was goin’ strong up thru the ’40s, when WWII sent them reeling…like so many industries at the time…
they sold themselves to Dick Blick- you know, Blick art supplies?
anways, then they were history….
and sold on ebay.

i don’t mean to neglect the wood models- which are so sturdy and elegant!
(i’m just a little distracted by loom meets erector set!)