simple resolve

by woodshed

i am starting a movement in my life.
i have a simple resolve to bring simplicity back into the tornado of my everyday experience.

i have been living in the city for a year and a half now.
and towards the end of 2011 i was hit with how deeply i have lost the rhythm of my country lives.
being moved by the sun and seasons is an inevitable part of living close to worlds that are a little less human as this new york city.
and i’m finding myself riding a very different train…and i’m guided by different forces.
i do believe that there is great use to being a city dweller.
i am unbelievably thankful for the skills and lessons that i learn in such a different habitat.
with a different kind of distraction and brutality.

i’ve spent this first week of the new year formulating…
how to root out distraction.
and the answer i’m working towards at the moment is a strong structure for me to expand within, and trust, and lean on.
give strong structure to my week.
allow the things i love to live in their own institution so i don’t use them as distractions from other pieces of my life.
i will have a baking day, once a week.
i will have a mending day.
i will have a day of self care.
i will have a day of prayer.
i will have a work day.
i will have a day of education.
and…i suppose i’ll have a day to tend to all the things i never want to tend to (maybe that day can be every other week…)

and i will weave almost every day.
 i want to make these little tasks priorities in my day.
like tending the garden, or preparing for winter.
and beyond and outside of these tasks i can be distracted by the city.
by my wonderful community.
by bourbon…..(just trying to be honest…)
by simply not doing (that’s actually an ideal distraction. i pray for more beautiful ‘not doing’ in all of this.)

 hang it out on the line and let the light shine through.

happy happy new year.
i have a very good feeling about it for all of us.
regardless of what comes.