love affair

by woodshed

some may not call this act an act of weaving.
but i consider Richard Long an artist that uses the most essential fibers to weave together this world.
i just wanted to share.

a line made by walking (1967)

he started making work in the mid ’60s.
walking, slowly stepping his history into the landscape.
it really reminds me of the clacking of my loomship: i’m slowly doing the same thing…
back and forth slips my shuttle, back and forth Richard Long treads across the landscape.
all of us slowly making an impression on the scenery.

walking a line in peru (1972)

a line in japan (1979)

of course, he wasn’t always just making his mark with his repetative feet.
he would also lift and build.
make a road out of the world.
 i pray to be able to reign in my pathways.
walk the same simple lines. leave a small wake behind me.
have the awareness to notice what that wake looks like.

nomad circle: mongolia (1996)