everytime i think of freedom

by woodshed

clearly, i’ve been a little distracted lately.
something i’m really trying to conquer, but it’s been a tricky battle of late.

but i do want to share a few of the myriad of things i’ve been working on…
i’m so excited about them, you’d think that i’d steal myself away into my apartment and find hermitage.
but instead, i find myself galavanting…on the DAILY.
staying out late dancing to wild brazilian dummers.
staying out late dancing to cosmic north african oud players.
going to the Tenement Museum and obsessively researching the history of my apartment building afterwards! (i’d highly recommend doing both!)
listening to records with new friends.
(they just dropped some new Karen Dalton recordings…definitely worth distracting one’s self for)

everytime i think of freedom
one of my favorites.
(not off this new record…)

okay. distraction abounds. even in this correspondence…
onto what’s actually sitting on my loom

i’m working on a series of very intricate ‘fannypacks’ (for lack of a better word)
this one should have taken me about two weeks…
but i’ve been s l o w l y sailing since mid-december.
(big confession.)
i’m working on it.
everytime i think of freedom.