hit the road

by woodshed

on the road again.
austin texas back up to the little village in brooklyn…

while i was kickin it in texas, i visited two riteous and surprising fiber destinations…
the first was Old Oaks Ranch

quite literally in the middle of a beautiful nowhere…see the map….! 

actually it’s outside of Wimberly, a little town I love- and that many of my friends grew up in.
doesn’t mean that i’d imagine it as a home for a thriving fiber arts center!!
they have a room full of looms, and ALPACA (whoa baby!), and beautiful texas hill country ranch land, not to mention shelves filled with locally spun and dyed yarn!

alpaca shearing!

loom room!!

the next day, I was convinced to visit Yarnorama in Paige, Texas.

I was planning on just hittin’ the road and heading to Louisianna, to be honest I wasn’t expecting much from a place called Yarnorama….
okay, all that said, Yarnorama is the BOMB DIGGITY.
I am forever grateful and endebted to dad #2 and dad #2.0 for the push!

cozy and colorful!

dad #2 behind his new woven basket...(standing in front of a beautiful hand woven coverlet)

Susan Fricks, the owner, is so friendly and knowledgeable- she has a bunch of beautiful looms and spinning wheels- and is clearly engaged in many of her own projects!
one in particular was a plain weave- the softest creamy hand spun warp (spun by Susan herself), i can’t remember the fiber…and a hand spun/hand dyed hemp weft. so simple and elegant- she’s going to piece together a tunic from it.

kinda blurry...but you get the idea...

i was deeply inspired by both these places, and the women who run them!
i am so impressed to see fiber thriving in small town texas…and i’m feeling a bit of a pull to head down south and join the celebration!!