finally settled by the other ocean.

by woodshed

i’ve been particularly inspired by deep indigo lately.
i can’t seem to find it’s rival.
it is at once so rich and decadent, as it is humble and classic.

pattern i wouldn't mind weaving...tumblr_m9zk2voYUU1qalyu4o1_500able to hold it’s own with white.
not get washed out and shock me with it’s secret pastel…
(as other colors i’ve been working with have)

i’ve just finished a run of coverlettes (a spelling i invented for small coverlets…)
and. out of 7 blankets, 4 were woven in that dreamy black blue.



'...and winter'

‘…and winter’

i’m loving weaving blankets.
i’ve been using old colonial drafts as my inspiration…
most of which weren’t drafted with boarders on four sides (which i am particularly partial to)
so i’ve been analyzing blankets, fixing errors, adding boarders, and slowly expanding my understanding of the choices traditional american weavers were making…
and i’ve been having a really lovely time bundling up the blankets with baling twine, nestling them into baskets and getting them sent off to their new homes.
blanket bundlep.s. i’m trying to recommit to this correspondance.
as i find myself more and more settled on the other coast of this fair country.
i have many exciting maybe’s afoot.
and i’m looking forward to slowling opening my doors again.