alittle winter

by woodshed


basic survival…

They weren’t lyin when they said that northwest winters
are l o n g and d r e a r y.

but that means, every occasion is one to get cosy in.

been reading a lot of Little House…(where ms. Ingalls spells cosy with an s…i’m appreciating that…that, and ‘Pa’- such a dream)
been weaving up a storm…although i’m not necessarily thrilled with my ‘mistake’/’invention’ that’s on my loom right now
been scheming how to buy a 60” AVL loom (translation: a very big and very cool production loom)
been figuring how i can work more for myself.
my man’s been reading to me from “Where the Wild Things Were”
a pop-y easy to read ecology on predator importance…

bring back the forest protectors

bring back the forest protectors

been cleaning damaged silk cocoons at work…so delicate and lovely
cacoonsand finally.
one of my new blankets, in her new home…